What’s Right
with RSA?



The Retirement Systems of Alabama

This $38.5 billion retirement fund provides Alabama’s education, state, and local public employees a financially secure future. Each month, thousands of Alabama retirees count on us for reliable benefit payments during their retirement. The RSA operates as one of the most cost–efficient state pension funds in the country!


Serving Alabama’s Public Servants

There are more than 368,500 RSA members, or
7.5% of the total population of the state of state

RSA members are teachers, bus drivers, school custodians, policemen, firefighters, secretaries, professors, coaches, judges, and other public employees working for cities, counties, the state, schools, universities, community colleges, courts, and the Legislature.

RSA provides financial security
and stability with retirement and
pays over $3.4 billion
in retirement benefits

to members each year.


Impacting Alabama’s Economy

RSA members spend their retirement
benefits in the state of Alabama.
$3.1 billion
in benefits are paid to retirees
that reside in Alabama.

$4 billion
in total estimated economic impact
Provided to the state, creating
jobs, and tax revenue.

RSA has invested billions in Alabama office buildings,
golf courses, hotels, and Alabama corporations.

These investments have produced

  • billions of dollars
    in state and local
    tax revenues

  • list icon list icon
  • billions of dollars
    in increased

  • list icon list icon
  • created several
    thousand jobs

Despite this huge impact on Alabama,
RSA’s Alabama real estate
investments make up less than 5%
of its total investment portfolio.


Investing for RSA Members and Employers

RSA’s members and employers make contributions to RSA to help fund benefits.

RSA invests these funds
in–house, keeping costs low, so
that the investment income can
be used to pay benefits and not
outside management fees.

RSA spends less to do more. RSA ranks in the top third
of large public pension funds
for investment performance.
In fiscal year 2019, RSA only spent $13 million on investment expenses.

Two other “same size” states with “outside money managers” cost one state $332 million and the other $370 million for one year!